Strategic Outcomes

Read about our six strategic outcomes that will help us deliver our vision 

To deliver our vision ‘to create a food and drink environment in Scotland that benefits, protects and is trusted by consumers’ we have set six strategic outcomes that underpin everything we do:

  1. Food is safe
  2. Food is authentic
  3. Consumers have healthier diets
  4. Responsible food businesses flourish
  5. FSS is a trusted organisation
  6. FSS is efficient and effective


Food is safe

This means that ensuring food placed on the market is compliant with food safety legislation and that wherever appropriate, food is supplied with accurate instructions to ensure safe storage and handling. We also work to make sure consumers understand the risks and how to protect themselves and those for whom they prepare food, from foodborne illness.

Food is authentic

Food offered for sale should be of the nature, substance and quality expected by the purchaser. Trust is a key part of our vision for the future, so consumers need to have confidence that the food they buy and eat is what they expect it to be

Consumers have healthier diets

The Scottish Government is also committed to ensuring that people in Scotland live longer, healthier lives. Good nutrition is an important element of this, and by taking a holistic approach to diet and providing population‑wide advice on diet and healthy eating, FSS has an important role in contributing to this national outcome.

Responsible food businesses flourish

Scotland has a thriving food and drink sector and Scottish produce has a strong reputation both at home and abroad. Whilst the overwhelming majority of produce is compliant, FSS’s key priority is protecting consumers’ interests, and in our regulatory capacity, FSS has a key role to play in ensuring that Scotland’s strong international reputation continues to be well founded, and that consumers, no matter where they live, can buy, eat and drink Scottish products in the confidence that they are safe and authentic.

FSS is a trusted organisation

We know that earning and keeping consumers’ trust is central to our success. We need to build our reputation with people in Scotland, ensuring people know who we are, and that we earn their trust through being a consistent and authoritative voice on food issues. This will also involve taking a leadership role in correcting misinformation about food safety, food standards and healthy eating.

FSS is efficient and effective

We must operate effectively and efficiently as a non‑Ministerial office,  in line with our published Code of Governance. It is imperative that we make a meaningful contribution to transforming public services, and making effective use of public resources in line with the expectations placed upon all public bodies in Scotland.

You can read more about our strategic priorities and how we will deliver them in ‘Shaping Scotland’s Food Future, Our strategy to 2021’.

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