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Audit and monitoring

Food Standards Scotland audits Local Authority food and feed enforcement activities and publishes reports of our findings.

Audits of Local Authorities

All Local Authorities across the UK are subject to the audit process, with the FSA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland co-ordinating their own audit programme.

Audit General Documents

Audit of Enforcement Authorities - Audit Policy May 2016 ( FSS/ENF/16/007)

Audit of Enforcement Authorities - Audit Programme 2016-2019 (FSS/ENF/16/009)

Focussed Audits

Capacity and Capability Audit

Capacity and Capability Audit - Audit Brief and Plan (FSS/ENF/16/014)

Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System (LAEMS)

This is a web-based system used to report Local Authority food law enforcement activities. This system is administered by FSA and involves Local Authorities uploading information after each enforcement year has finished.

You can read more about LAEMS at

Audit of Meat Establishments

Food Standards Scotland carries out routine audits of approved meat establishments (that is slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) under veterinary control in Scotland.

These audits aim to ensure that food business operators are complying with food law requirements and to ensure that food businesses operating as a slaughterhouse are complying with relevant standards of animal health and welfare.

The audit frequency is determined by the categorisation of any non-compliance identified.

Audits and follow-up audits are carried out on an announced basis, with unannounced inspections also taking place in between scheduled inspections in cutting plants.

Food Standards Scotland has a dedicated in-house team of trained veterinary auditors carrying out these audits in Scotland.

Food business operators may appeal audit findings. They have up to 14 days following receipt of the audit report to appeal an audit outcome. Food Standards Scotland won’t publish an audit report on the website before the appeal window period has passed. Published reports will not contain potentially sensitive information such as personal details of staff and detailed technical information.

Request for a review of the full audit of food business operators.

Approved Meat Establishments - Audit Reports

The UK National Reference Laboratories are responsible for setting up EU-wide standards for routine procedure. Full details, along with information on the UK’s official food control laboratories, can be found on

Other Audit programmes

Food Standards Scotland work with other organisations to deliver official controls. These areas of work are also periodically audited.

2012 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Primary Production of Food and Feed Official Controls - Scottish Government: Directorate for Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities: Rural Payments and Inspections Division - Dec 2012 - Closed

2014 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - HallMark Meat Hygiene Ltd - June 2014 - Closed

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - Operations (Scotland) - June 2014

Email the Audit team at for further information.

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