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Imports & Exports

If you’re importing or exporting food, you need to comply with regulations. Failure to do so could cause enforcement authorities to take action.


All food intended for human consumption must meet the general food safety requirements of European Union law.

Importing food into Scotland is largely covered by European Regulation. As such, the majority of guidance which applies in Scotland applies across the UK and is held on the Food Standards Agency website, This page helps you to find the right section on

Legislation for Import of Food

Food which is intended for human consumption must meet the general food safety requirements of European Union (EU) law. Under EC Regulation 178/2002 these requirements are that food must not be unsafe, i.e.: injurious to health; unfit for human consumption.

Apart from the general provisions of EC Regulation 178/2002, the specific legislation applying to imported food will depend on whether the food is of animal origin or not.

Food containing animal products includes:

meat, meat pies, salami, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, honey.

Food that has no animal content includes:

fruit, vegetables, cereals, certain bakery products, herbs, spices, mineral water, fruit juices


Specific legislation applies for certain products, for instance 'high-risk' products of non-animal origin under Regulation (EC) No 669/2009 which imposes import conditions on certain feed and food of non-animal origin, from certain non-EU countries which can only enter the UK through specific ports and airports approved as designated points of entry (DPEs) where official controls will be carried out. Specific controls are also imposed by specific EU implementing regulations and are given effect by Declarations under the Scottish Official Feed & Food Controls regulations and the Trade in Animal & Related Products regulations.

Search or browse current Declarations in force

Point of entry controls

Some products can only come into the European Union (EU) through specific ports. For example, animal products (such as meat, dairy foods and fish) can only enter through a port with a Border Inspection Post (BIP).  Read full details of controls at Points of Entry into the UK .

Importing and testing food trade samples

Find out more about  importing trade samples of food for test marketing, research and development or quality assurance .

Import restrictions



Banned and restricted products

Irradiated foods

Suppliers and import licences

Before importing goods, you need to be sure they’re safe and legal, and you hold any necessary licenses.

Understand suppliers and import licences.


In Scotland, Food Standards Scotland has policy responsibility for general labelling (e.g. name of the food, ingredients lists, food allergens, etc.) and nutrition labelling (e.g. Energy, amounts of fat, salt sugar etc.).

Contact for more information.

For advice on the labelling of specific products, please contact your local authority’s Environmental Health Department.

Read about importing into Scotland and food labelling .


Exporting food from Scotland is largely covered by European Regulation. As such, the majority of guidance which applies in Scotland applies across the UK and is held on the Food Standards Agency website, .

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Safety & Regulation

Our Food Safety and regulation pages cover all of our advice and guidance for business, industry and Local Authority enforcement officers.

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