A free, secure, online tool that supports food businesses to manage allergen information and calculate calories in the food they serve.

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MenuCal is a free and easy to use tool for food businesses to provide information about the calories and allergens in their dishes to help customers to make informed choices. 


There are 14 main allergens, ranging from widely known ingredients such as peanuts and milk, to less widely recognised allergens including mustard and lupin seeds, which are often used in flour. Since December 2014 it has been mandatory for providers of non-prepacked food, such as food served in restaurants and cafees, to inform customers about the presence of allergens in their food.

MenuCal helps food business comply with food law on the 14 main allergen ingredients in food.


Food businesses can help improve the Scottish diet by supporting their customers to make healthier choices. According to our research 66% of consumers think calories should be displayed on menus.

MenuCal allows businesses to calculate the energy values - kilojoules and kilocalories – of their food which, when displayed to customers, can support healthier choices.

Knowing the amount of calories in a dish can also help businesses to reduce calorie content of the food they are serving which can be done by, 

  • reducing portion sizes or offering smaller portion options,
  • swapping ingredients for  healthier options e.g. swapping full fat ingredients to lower fat options, and
  • creating new and lower calorie menu options.  

MenuCal training

The tool includes free online training to show businesses how to:

  • organise your business so that it’s easy to manage allergen and calorie information for your menu,
  • use MenuCal to manage allergens on a day-to-day basis,
  • calculate calories, and
  • display calorie and allergen information.

All information is stored safely and securely and the tool can be used on mobile devices. 

Sign up to MenuCal and begin using it today.

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