Food Safety

At Food Standards Scotland, we play an important role in making sure food and drink is safe to eat.

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Information in relation to food

Foodborne Illness

A key priority for Food Standards Scotland is to protect consumers in Scotland from the risks of foodborne illness.

At home

Whether you’re shopping or cooking, these tips will help make sure the food you cook and eat won’t do you any harm.

Buying food & eating out

Whether you’re eating out or buying ingredients to make things easier at home, we help make sure the food and drink you buy is safe.

Food allergies

Most allergic reactions to food are mild, but some can be very serious. A small amount of the food concerned can trigger a reaction.


Contaminants are substances that have not been intentionally added to food. They may be present as a result of its production, packaging, transport or holding.

Novel Foods

How we ensure novel foods are safe