About the Eat safe awards

The Eat Safe Award provides an incentive to food businesses to strive for food hygiene and food safety management standards beyond those required by law.

For consumers the Eat Safe Award provides a recognisable sign of excellence in standards of food hygiene.

Eligible establishments are assessed for the award as part of scheduled food hygiene inspections, carried out by Local Authority Environmental Health Services, who issue Eat Safe Award certificates. The scope of the Award covers all establishments selling food directly to consumers.

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How do the Eat Safe Award Scheme and the Food Hygiene Information Scheme operate together?

The Food Hygiene Information Scheme is compatible with the Eat Safe Award scheme. The two schemes although separate, have operated side by side since the two-year Food Hygiene Information Scheme pilot.

The Food Hygiene Information Scheme is designed to rate hygiene standards against the legal requirements and is distinct from the Eat Safe Award scheme, which is designed to recognise businesses that have achieved standards over and above the legal requirements.

See Guidance on the operation of the Eat Safe scheme.

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