Allergen Action!

Allergen Action!

Learning about different food allergens and how to recognise them on food labels.

50-60 minutes x 2

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

  • HWB 3-34a - Having explored a range of issues which may affect food choice, I can discuss how this could impact on the individual’s health.

  • HWB 3-36a - Using my knowledge of nutrition and current healthy eating advice, I can evaluate the information on food packaging, enabling me to make informed choices when preparing and cooking healthy dishes.

  • HWB 4-34a - Having explored a range of issues which may affect food choice, I can discuss how this could impact on the individual’s health.

Learning intentions / Success criteria

  • We are learning about allergens and how they are shown on food labels
  • We are learning about which foods contain allergens
  • I can name and understand food allergens and the food groups they are linked to
  • I can describe how labelling highlights different allergens in foods
  • I can understand what to do if someone is affected by an allergen


  • Allergen fact sheet
  • Food products and labels
  • Eatwell Guide – poster
  • Website for recipes, food


Warm up

Lesson on allergens

  • Bring in food packaging and try to identify the allergens
  • What they are and how are they identified in the ingredients
  • Introduce labelling and how foods are labelled for allergens

Research on foods that contain allergens

Using the allergen fact sheet research foods/meals in supermarkets, recipe books and on menus that contain each of the 14 allergens - discuss

Class discussion

  • Pupils discuss their own experiences of allergies
  • As a class discuss the responsibility of others with regards to allergens – do’s & don’ts


  • Pupils cook an allergen free recipe


  • Pupils to investigate recipes they eat that may have ingredients identified as allergens, then propose alternative ingredients for the recipe that are not allergens
  • Pupils design a food label to highlight an allergen in a product

Cross-Curricular Links

Art – design a food label

Cross contamination – awareness of using items that have come into contact with food related allergens

First aid – what to do if someone has an allergic reaction

Assessment Opportunities

SAY – identify all or most of the allergens

SAY – explain how allergens are highlighted on food labels

DO – design a food label with re-designed allergy information


Alternative recipes


  • Evaluates information on food packaging and uses it to make informed choices when selecting food for given situations



  • Use pictures of different food ingredients and match to allergens


  • Investigate other less common allergens in foods
  • Plan an allergen free menu of meals for a week
  • What action to take if someone takes a food related allergic reaction
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