Fridge Facts

Fridge Facts

Learning about safe ways to store food in the fridge.

1-1.5 hours

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

  • HWB 2-33a - Having learned about cleanliness, hygiene and safety, I can apply these principles to my everyday routines, understanding their importance to health and wellbeing.

  • EXA 2-06a - I can develop and communicate my ideas, demonstrating imagination and presenting at least one possible solution to a design problem.

Learning intentions / Success criteria

  • Know which foods should be stored in the fridge
  • Understand the importance of keeping our fridges clean and safe
  • Identify steps we can take to ensure fridges are kept clean and are safe places for storing our food


  • Interactive fridge scene
  • Food Cards/Food pictures ready cut from magazines/real food or packaging
  • Fridge facts worksheet
  • Homelink – Character sheet

Setting up

  • Become familiar with the fridge interactive and put it on the whiteboard
  • Photocopy fridge facts sheet for pupils to use
  • Prepare food pictures or selection of real foods for sorting into appropriate spaces in fridge fact sheet or draw own fridge – selection needed for each group


  • Allow pupils to look at rules of fridge storage and read over fridge facts sheet
  • Divide pupils into groups and set the task of sorting out the food they have been given (using food cards, food pictures from magazines or read food or packaging) using the fridge fact sheet to help in decision making
  • Back as a whole class, using the interactive fridge resource, pupils take turns to put an item of food in the fridge – either allow all pupils to place one food or choose a representative from each group to place 2/3 foods
  • Working individually or in pairs, pupils design two characters – one to represent a clean and safe fridge and the other to represent a fridge where bad bacteria is growing and spreading onto different foods
  • Draw characters on sheet and pupils fill in the speech bubble for each character based on what they know about keeping fridges clean and safe places to store food, listing the things we can do with our fridges to keep the characters happy
  • For the character representing a clean and safe fridge, ideas might include: 'store raw meat on the bottom shelf', 'keep fridge temperature below 5⁰C', 'clean fridge regularly'
  • For the character representing a fridge where bad bacteria grows and spreads, ideas might include 'don’t cover food', 'put hot food in your fridge', 'put raw meat on the top shelf'
  • Pupils take home their fridge characters for display on their own fridges to share their learning with home

Assessment Opportunities

DO – Do the children put the correct food on the correct shelf in the fridge interactive game

WRITE – Do the children write appropriate suggestions to keep their characters happy?


  • Identifies ways to reduce the risk of food poisoning, for example, reheating food until piping hot, safe food storage, different coloured chooping boards



  • Pupils may find it easier to concentrate on one fact for each character.


  • Pupils could use characters in an imaginative story entitled 'The Secret Life of Fridges', developing the ideas of cleanliness and safety within a fridge 
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