Stop the germs!

Stop the germs!

Learning about cross contamination of bacteria in schools. Learning about food poisoning bacteria and where and how you can get them.

45 minutes x 2/3

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

  • HWB 2-33a - Having learned about cleanliness, hygiene and safety, I can apply these principles to my everyday routines, understanding their importance to health and wellbeing.

Learning intentions / Success criteria

  • We are learning how cross contamination can happen
  • We are learning how quickly this can happen
  • We are learning how important it is to wash our hands
  • We are learning about the impact that cross contamination can have
  • I can name 3 places where bugs comes from
  • I can explain why I need to wash my hands
  • I can explain how to prevent the spread of bugs


  • Chalk (or glitter or paint)
  • Worksheet 1 Task cards to perform with chalk on hands
  • Worksheet 2 bugs and where you can pick them up
  • Worksheet 3 – drawing a line from bugs to foods where you can pick them up
  • Camera / iPad for filming
  • Teacher resource sheets on food poisoning bacteria
  • School floor plan

Setting up

  • Print out the worksheets
  • Draw or print out a school floor plan


Warm up

  • Chalk on children’s hands (different colours representing different bacteria)
  • Without revealing the topic ask children to perform a number of set tasks on cards on sheet 1

Discuss results of chalk experiment

  • Introduction to bacteria
  • Names and types and where they are found
  • Results of cross contamination and impact on health

School floor plan

  • Show a range of typical places in a school
  • Children need to guess which are likely to have the most / least amount of contamination
  • Discuss results

Develop characters for different bacteria using the sheet 2 worksheet

  • Eg. Sally Salmonella
  • Use characters to create posters or play or iMovie or advertisement or song or news report warning of risks of cross contamination
  • fill in sheet 3 – draw a line from the bug to the correct icons to show where you can get the illness from

Assessment Opportunities

DO – pupils fill in sheet 3 and show an understanding of bugs and which foods you can pick them up from

DO – Self / peer assessment

Photos of drama


  • Identifies ways to reduce the risk of food poisoning, for example, reheating food until piping hot, safe food storage, different coloured chopping boards



  • Children may have sensory issues and not wish to have chalk on hands:
    – Use paper cut outs of hand prints to stick to touch points
    – Provide gloves
  • Use simple information cards for bacteria characters


  • Co-operative learning:
    – Research each bacterium in expert groups
    – Present findings to the class
    – Include the consequences of cross contamination
  • Research global issues re: lack of water and sanitation in parts of the world and the risks of cross contamination
  • Create bacteria Top Trumps
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