We have had some fantastic feedback from teachers on the education resources and food cards:

Thank you very much for your reply, I have been looking at your website and there are some great resources on there which I am going to use, have also joined the fb page. Thanks again 12/01/2019

Thank you for such a prompt reply. I was on the website over the weekend, the resources are great - will be sure to do the survey when I have a minute. Thank you for organising that so quickly! 21/01/2019

Thank you so very much for my eat well guide and corresponding cards. Service you provided was fantastic. 30/01/2019

Thank you for your prompt response! I have spent my afternoon downloading resources from your site! 30/01/2019


I used the Bacteria Busters game in a class today and it went down well. I've filled in the survey and requested to join the Facebook group too, thanks for the information as I didn't know about the group.

Fantastic resources, thank you. 11/05/2019

Thank you for all the great new resources.  It’s always exciting to have new materials to work with and the pupils  will enjoy using them.  22/05/2019

I received these today. They are brilliant. Thank you very much. 26/06/2019

This is brilliant!  Thank you! 26/06/2019

Thank you! These resources look really good.  18/07/2019